Cashflow 101 E-game is the pc game version of the popular financial education board game, Cashflow 101. To those of you who are unfamiliar with who Robert Kiyosaki is, he is the author of the best-selling book: Rich Dad, Poor Dad. The objective of Cashflow 101 E-game is to get out of the rat race and into the fast track to achieve your dream, that is, to achieve financial freedom. As a person who has never played the real Cashflow board game before, I find the digital/software version pretty interesting and quite addictive. At first impression, the e-game was amazing in graphics but needs more improvements in the background music and game options.

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Throughout your journey to achieve your dream, there will be two characters accompanying you. They are Red E. Rat (RR) and Timid T. Turtle (TT), RR serves as your mentor (Voice by Robert Kiyosaki himself) and TT is pretty much a newbie in financial literacy. Sometimes during the game, TT will ask RR questions about bank loans, brokers, etc and RR will answer them from a Rich Dad point of view. Both TT and RR will react to the choices you make (for e.g. if you made a good buy, RR or TT will give a thumbs up!). Furthermore, you’ll be required to fill in your financial statements (balance sheet and income statement) with the right items, so as to get you familiar with balancing your cashflow accounts and differentiating assets from liabilities. In this computer version, it’s an easy click-and-drag of the items to financial statements. I heard from cashflow board game players that playing the board game is more "tedious" but it provides a better learning experience because you do your own calculations and fill in your cashflow statement with a good ol’ pencil.

At the main menu, you will be given an option whether you want to play in single player, multiplayer or hot-seat multi-player mode. Hot-seat multiplayer means you can play with more than 1 player on your own computer. As for the multiplayer mode, a subscription is necessary to play over the internet.

The game also allows you to have access to all of Robert’s videos, it can also be watched during the game when you need help. I find this a bonus as the videos are conducted by Robert Kiyosaki himself.

Before the game starts, you will be given a random profession. You can be a lawyer, k-12 teacher, etc. Each profession has different salary, expenses and debts when you start the game, giving different playing experiences. A lawyer has a higher salary, but more expensive education loans to pay off, more expensive car & house loans, etc.

The Rat Race
At the rat race, there will be these squares:


When a player lands on this square, the player will be given a choice of “Big Deal” and “Small Deal”. The small deals are less than $5,000 – Certificate of Deposits, stocks, small residential houses, etc. The big deals exceeds $5000 and includes deals for apartments, plexes, businesses, etc.

When a player steps on or crosses this square, the player will receive a pay check/ net monthly income

The player will have to pay an amount equal to the total expenses and lose 3 turns.

Your monthly expenses will increase because you have to feed your new baby. Baby expenses depends on which profession you have.

These are mostly one-off expenses which are small unnecessary/luxury items we buy (watches, fancy dinner) to big items which requires loans like boats.

In this square, you’ll know that a buyer is looking for properties or business. You get to sell your property or business if it matches the card.

In the rat race, you can only roll one dice. Unless you donate 10% of your income to charity, you get to roll up to two dices

Once your passive income exceeds your expenses, then you shall
proceed to the fast track. Although this sounds very easy when I first started, I lost about 4 times before I was able to finally reach the fast track.

The Fast Track

Your income in fast track is nothing like the income you get in the rat race, your income will be in hundred thousands. I find the fast track too… well, too easy. You’ll never need a loan in the fast track. Except for losing all the cash and unable to purchase anything, it doesn’t really matter at all because you’ll eventually get back your monthly income. The deals in the fast track are, of course, higher in price. You’ll be buying franchises, IPOs, etc, etc. Most of the time, the FIRST person who reaches the fast track will also be the FIRST to win the whole race… except in some rare cases that the first person keeps losing money and can’t buy his dream or assets which generate passive income. On the fast track, the winner is determined based on how fast you are able to buy your dream or get $50,000 in passive income.


Although the game has its educational values, being a person who enjoys playing computer games I have to criticize on some of the game options aspects. Personally, I find it annnoying to have to click “ok” everytime the computer players draw a card or rolls the dice. Also, the animation (like rat walking on the board after dice is thrown) is repetitive, I’d like to have the option to turn it off. At the end of the game, the top 3 winners are shown with their respective scores, and I have no idea how these scores are calculated!

Wish list

Here’s my wish list:
– A choice to turn off the TT and RR characters.
– Choice to turn off the animation of the rat walking on the
board everytime the dice is thrown
– Option to disable the need for me to click “ok” everytime a computer player rolls the dice or draws a card
– More conversation dialogues between TT and RR
– More variety of background music

Overall Conclusion
So did Cashflow 101 E-game teach me a lesson in financial education? It sure did! I didn’t mind taking out a loan to finance my real estate as long as it gave positive cashflow. I grunge when I step on the “downsize” square, NOT because I have to pay an amount equal to my expenses, but because I won’t have the chance to step on any “opportunity” squares to increase my passive income for 3 whole rounds! After playing the game a few times, I wasn’t worried about the amount of money I have and I easily build my passive income through good debt. However, I think the real Cashflow board game is more flexible because players can make up their own rules to add more "real-world" situations in the game, I guess this is what the cashflow 101 e-game is lacking. But Cashflow 101 E-game is great for beginners, furthermore it is cheaper than the Cashflow board game and you can with computer players when you are alone.

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Cashflow 101 E-game Demo Video

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