I haven’t logged in to Richdad forums for a few months and just today when I wanted to get to some old post I made in the Richdad forums, the welcome page wowed me away. There was a picture of a sleek black book cover with the photos of Robert Kiyosaki and The Donald. The book is entitled “Why We Want You to be Rich: Two Men, One Message”.

Interesting, I never thought of Donald as one who’d share his spotlight because all his books only feature his photos. Guess I’m wrong.

“In Why We Want You To Be Rich — Two Men • One Message, Trump and Kiyosaki take an alternative approach by not writing a conventional how-to-book on investing money to secure one’s financial future. Instead, the book gives insight to the reader on how the authors think, why they win financially, and how they see the world of money, business and investing. Through the eyes and experiences of Trump and Kiyosaki, the reader gains knowledge on how to improve their financial future.”

There are mixed feelings for “Why We Want You to be Rich” when I googled for more information about it (not much at the time of this writing, I’ve only found one magazine review):

“Impressive resumes (Kiyosaki and Trump). Alas, unimpressive book. Why We Want You to Be Rich is a thinly veiled infomercial for more financial-advice products from Kiyosaki, Trump and their minions. They sell positive thinking and can-do haziness — specific details cost extra.” – Kiplinger’s Personal Finance, http://www.kiplinger.com/personalfinance/features/archives/2006/10/trump.html

Here are some customer reviews of Why We Want You to be Rich: Two Men – One Message at Amazon.com:

“What these two titans of money have to teach is something everyone can take in and benefit from — regardless of your age, race, education, or current level of wealth. The mindset of money is what they know better than anyone, and what they teach better than everyone. Ignore this one at your own expense. Otherwise, buy it and spend time inside the heads of America’s top two wealth-creation heavy weights.”- Clint

“I bought this book last night at my local Borders bookstore and will be ordering more from Amazon.com to pass out.” – Cyberman

“Effort level from both of them are so low, I suspect 40% of the book is a cut and paste job, especially Robert’s half. If you expect this book to reach the level of the Art of the Deal and the Art of the Comeback, think again.” – TS “TS”

“”You can have everything in the world that you want, as long as your willing to help as many people as it takes get what they want” This little tenent might help realign you with a healthy way to look at “money”. I found this book informative and would reccomend it to those who want to look at a bigger picture.” – Mr. Cashflow

From all the reviews I’ve read, most negative reviews are made by
1) Trump haters;
2) Kiyosaki haters;
3) People who claims buying these books make the authors rich

Like all Kiyosaki books, this is definitely not a how-to book so I can understand why some dislike the book as there was no specific how-to. On the other hand, about the claims of buying books like these will make the authors rich… isn’t that how the world works after all? We buy CDs, DVDs and movie tickets to make celebrities rich, we buy magazines to make the publishers rich, we subscribe to phone lines to make the service provider rich. Where there’s demand, there’s supply. So should you buy the book? I’ll leave it to you to decide.

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