“You know, Robert said… ”
“Robert says people like me should…”

…When my colleague was first introduced to the “Think it, Learn it, Do it – Choose to be Rich” audio program, she started referring to Robert Kiyosaki (best known as the author of Rich Dad Poor Dad) as if he was a close friend. She just loves listening to him, it is of no surprise that her husband eventually became jealous of “Bob”.

The program is perfect for everyone, people who are new to Rich Dad Poor Dad will also enjoy it. Some may say that this is just an audio program that repeats his ideas from his previous books, but I find the program very enlightening even though I have read all his Rich Dad Series. There’s more human warmth to it than the books. The best part in the course which I love is Robert and Kim (Robert’s wife) sharing their experiences of their journey to achieve financial freedom. You can feel their emotions when listening to both of them speak. Kim is often mentioned briefly in Robert’s book… you can see a picture of her and Robert horseback riding on the back cover of the book “Retire Young, Retire Rich”. She’s rarely seen or heard of in the public, that’s why I am delighted that Kim is involved in this audio program.

The scope of the program should be highly regarded. “Choose to be Rich” also includes Robert’s team of advisors (mostly authors of the “Rich Dad Advisor Series”) Micheal Lechtor, Sharon Lechtor, Diane Kennedy, Dolf De Roos and Blair Singer. All of whom shares their area of expertise and also their personal stories. Different business models are discussed: franchising, network marketing, traditional businesses and also different investment vehicles such as real estate, paper trading, mutual funds, etc.

Like all Robert Kiyosaki’s products, “Choose to be Rich” isn’t a how-to program but rather, it provokes our thoughts on the subject of wealth and our status quo with ideas out of the norm. Overall, “Choose to be Rich” is a very comprehensive program, it is very interesting and engaging and it does open your mind to a new way of thinking. I’d say it’ll be worth your investment.

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