I tried… I really tried….

I couldn’t help it… I just had to download FireFox at my office! Surfing the internet just sucks with Internet Explorer.

If you don’t have FireFox, you are missing out a browser that’s simple, speedy and expandable. Here are top 5 reasons why FireFox is my favourite browser.

1) It is SUPER fast

Enough said, Internet Explorer’s a slow poke.

2) Tabbed Browsing
My most used feature on FireFox browser is tabbed browsing, this saves me from clouding up my taskbar with every website that I open. Here’s a quick comparison:


FireFox tabbed browsing. One browser, multiple sites.


Having multiple websites opened in internet explorer clouds up my taskbar. Making out which browser is which site is absolutely impossible without opening them to find out.


Even having all internet explorers grouped into one button is a redundant process when compared to FireFox’s.

3) Built-in Search Engine

You can search google without visiting the page of google.com, drag and drop a word you highlighted into the built-in dictionary.com to look up definitions or find products on amazon. It’s so easy!

4) Browser add-ons

I’m grateful for the great programmers who developed all sorts of add-ons. Here’s what my firefox pocketknife consist:

AdSense Notifier


As AdSense is one of my revenue, this little tool saves me the trouble of having to log into Google AdSense to check my earnings.

Google Toolbar


A fantastic toolbar that consists of several tools such as spell checker, page rank, autofill, word translator etc. I use Google toolbar’s spell checker to save me embarassing spelling mistakes when I type my blogs, articles or e-mails. The toolbar also does a nifty job telling me the PageRank when I look for sites to exchange links.

Of course, these are tools that suits me but FireFox’s add-ons are aplenty to cater for different users: Web shoppers have their webshopper tools (currency converter, form auto-filler), webmasters have theirs (color picker, IE viewer), etc.

Lastly… 5)Themes

Customizing FireFox’s appearance is wonderfully easy. From Gothic to cartoonish to simple, there’s a variety of themes to choose from in the database. At the end of the day, my FireFox is customized to everything I want… except that it can’t make coffee.

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