heroToday marks the last day at my day job…

It took me a few months to consider whether to quit my job. I started to consider it seriously when my PPC campaign made about 900% ROI on top of my capital of $100 in December, that was when I converted my salary from Malaysian Ringgit to US Dollar and I realized that my gross pay in USD is around $700 a month… This is my salary after working more than two years at one of the big 4 accounting firms in the world… Imagine that. Don’t get me wrong, $700 in Malaysia is a very decent income… but I never expected that my pay only amounted to $700 after conversion. That’s even less than the minimum wage of $5.15 an hour in the States (Mine is around $4.38 an hour, less if I add in extra hours I put into the work). If people are viewing my life as a movie, they’d probably think it’s a no-brainer that I should quit if I’m making $900 by spending less than 5 hours a week on it. However, being a very cautious person, my mind was playing ping pong with my thoughts:

“Yes, you can do it!”
“It’s only one campaign, get more campaigns that give you the same results before you quit”
“I’m sure you can make more money than your present salary if you do it full-time”
“Stabilize your online income first, I ain’t sure yet”

After about 3 months of indecisiveness, I finally got fed up of thinking the “What ifs” and told myself “You know what, I’m still young… if this is what I wanna do, this is what I gotta do! Even if I fail, at least I tried! If I succeed, even better!” So off I went typing a simple resignation letter to my bosses. After that, I bought a macbook as my only business asset (I had been using my firm’s notebook after my old notebook was stolen). There was also enough funds to cover me for several months if something goes wrong (I had set up a quit-my-job fund earlier anyway).

So what does this whole post have to do with super heroes and super villains anyway?

When I was working at my day job, I felt like I had a double life. By day, I’m this average employee. By night, I trade options and do internet marketing… talk about investments, talk about money, talk about finances, talk about business with my online friends. When I am at work, I rarely talk about investments, money or businesses with my colleagues even though all of us have a degree (or higher) relating to business and finance. I have tried, but most of them are either not interested or thinks of it as risky even when it’s not. I still remember trying to explain Google Adsense to someone, and she rejected the whole idea immediately because she had learnt a tip of an iceberg about click frauds (which has more to do with Google Adwords than Google Adsense). In fact, I felt a lot more like myself when I talk about finances and financial independence skills. No, I’m not trying to say that I’m more superior than any of my colleagues. I’m trying to point out that there’s a difference of mindset and goals we all have. Luckily for me and others who seek an alternative to jobs for an income, we have the internet to bring us closer. It’s good to know that we aren’t alone.

So I always joke with my friends that when we have a full-time job and our part-time businesses, we are super heroes. In most of the famous super hero movies (e.g. Superman, Spiderman, Batman), they ALWAYS lead a double life. You can’t tell anyone that you have super abilities otherwise you are a target for guinea pig experiments. Therefore, you lead a life as an average person by day, and only a hero at times when you are needed. But when it comes to super villains, they don’t need a double life. So when your part-time business becomes full-time… Congratulations, you are now an official super villain.

*Cartoon from cartoonstock.com

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