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Cashless Monopoly?

Credit cards, Debit cards, paypal… but cashless Monopoly?

Parker has ditched their colourful paper money and partnered with Visa to come up with a debit card and a card reader for all future editions of the Monopoly games.

“We started looking at what Monopoly would look like if we designed it today,” said Chris Weatherhead, a Britain.-based spokesman for Hasbro Inc., which makes the best-selling board game. “We noticed consumers are using debit cards, carrying around cash a lot less.”

Headlines of the Rich and Famous

“Wanted: The Richest Man on the Planet”

I’ve just created another blog called “Headlines of the Rich” which will serve you the latest news about some of the famous rich people like Bill Gates, Warren Buffet, Oprah Winfrey, Donald Trump etc. I’m still building up the list, but if you think I’ve missed out someone, please comment!

The blog is here:

National Achievers’ Congress 2006

About two weeks ago, I attended a 2-day seminar called “National Achievers’ Congress 2006”. During the two-day seminar, 7 speakers from around the world enlighten us with their experience and knowledge in their area of expertise. The two main speakers were Jim Rohn and Dolf De Roos.

Striving for Distinction in My Financial Report Card

The author of this website was born in 1983 and will retire at the age of 35. She has never ever written down any of her goals in her life until she made this website which displays her checklist of goals and dreams. She says “it sure feels good to check the items off once I completed a goal!”.

After graduating from college, she was immediately in debt because of her study loan. She is determined to get out of debt and build herself a life-long passive income because she hates to feel guilty when applying for annual leave from her bosses. “It’s my right to apply for leave, but my bosses give me a look of reluctance when I give them my leave form to sign as if I’ve done something wrong!”, she remarked.

Pros at Work (pics)


I laughed myself to tears when I saw these pictures, it’s so hilarious! I never saw it coming…

Retro Dance (Video)

I love this!

How About Bidding for Money?

The internet just blows me away with new ideas everyday. Before this, it was, a shipping/moving bidding site that lets users bid for or list their moving services (from cargo shipping, moving vans, etc).

Now it’s,… a bidding site for.. guess what? LOANS! If you are looking for a great lending rate or you want to invest your money for a better return than the banks, you should check out this website.

The Ticking Time Bomb

My old alarm clock desperately needs to be replaced, I had to set my alarm to 5am to wake me up at around 7am. The 2 hour gap randomly increases and decreases every day so a lot of guessing work was involved.

My friend and I went to an area near Ikea to have dinner, after that we decided to stop by Ikea so that I can get a frying pan (cheap!).

While in a rush to go home, Ikea’s Dekad caught my eye. I just had to buy it. I always have a knack for vintage watches and clocks. It has a sleek, black metal body and it doesn’t look like cheap plastic replicas, there are no letterings or cartoon pictures on the clock face. It only costs me RM25 and I was obsessed with it ever since I paid for it at the counter. It’s perfect!

Why I don’t use paid to surf programs – revisited

If anyone remembers my previous post about how paid-to-surf program sucks, I wish to take back what I said… partially.

I registered for an account at Alexa Booster, a paid-to-surf program. So I’d like to take back what I said about paid-to-surf programs, they don’t suck…. they just suck if you wanna get paid to surf, but they are great when you want to advertise and increase your website traffic for free!