Happy New Year! Let’s make 2007 a good year!

Looking back at 2006, it was a very fruitful year. I had met new friends with the same mindset, friends who are working towards financial independence. Many of whom I’ve met through this blog.

I’m particularly happy about meeting new friends who are in the affiliate marketing arena. I met Sandis who is an affiliate manager at MoreNiche, we exchange ideas, website experiments and experiences with each other. Chris, who taught me about search engine optimization (SEO). I learnt so much more in-depth SEO from Chris than those stupid, hyped-up internet marketing e-books sold on the internet. Also, Tom who is a retiree making a decent income from Pay-per-click advertising. Robert Kiyosaki says “One of the reasons the rich get richer is because they spend time with other rich people.”, I find that very true.

If you have visited my site before June, you may have noticed that I had a “checklist” on the left side of my option trades blog. I pulled it down because it was squeezing my main content section. In the checklist, I had a things to do item “Go for a trip”, I yearned to travel a lot and I did so much traveling in 2006 and it wasn’t just *a* trip: Bangkok, Kuantan, Pangkor, Lumut, Port Dickson. It was great! Another one of my goal is to “Increase cash balance by 20% each month starting from April”, that was pretty much in line with my $10k goal. However, I did make an average 20% profit each month for my trades.

I look forward to 2007, and I wish you all the best this year.

My checklist below:

Things to do:
1. Go for a trip
2. Open an online trading account – Click to see milestone
3. Finish my website project – experiment with product datafeeds – Click to see milestone
4. Customize datafeed website with own templates
5. Clean up old SAF website’ spam, bot users, inactive users, etc
6. Migrate SAF database to new drupal

1. Net profit of $1000 from options trading by December 2006 – Click to see milestone
2. $500 monthly from each website project by October 2007
3. Pay off study loan by 2014
4. To increase cash balance by 20% monthly in stock options starting from April
5. Write content for staywealthy.com at least once a week

1. Travel the world
2. Ride every roller coaster in the world

Things I want:
1. iPod
2. iBook/ Powerbook
3. Moped
4. Get a motorcycle license
5. Visit the States
6. Pilot license

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