Today when I wanted to check my site statistics, my browser showed me this page:



After contacting my host, they told me it’s because I have used more than 5% of their CPU resources. Ouch, I immediately know what caused it. It’s my experimental blog… “Headlines of the Rich” (Read Post).

The site is powered by a script called RSS to blog, it automatically looks for news that relates to the keywords that you key in and posts the relevant article on the blog. The blog started in June and gets an average of 30 visitors a month. From June until now, it made me a total of 6 clicks amounting to $1.03. I did no promotion/link exchange whatsoever so that goes to show you that blogging and pinging alone does not make you lots of money lol. Since the blog adds no value whatsoever, I’m taking it down.

Well, I had fun… bye bye rich people.

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