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October Option Trades 2006

Phooey.. 1 win and 3 streak losses. I wonder what I’m doing wrong… December’s getting close and I really want to achieve my $10k dream. :'(

Balance after exit trades made in October: $3,464.17 (-17.71%). Click “read more” to see my trades.

September Option Trades 2006

Made only one trade this month (CYT November $55 Puts). I didn’t want to be holding any trades while I’m on vacation in Bangkok, I haven’t had a good, long vacation for quite a while so it’s nice to breakaway from the computer. The one and only trade made a loss and it also came with my famous mistake (bought naked put by accidentally selling it twice… ARGH). Luckily, I sold CYT’s naked puts at breakeven.

Balance after exit trades made in September: $4,209.49 (-9.99%). Click “read more” to see my trades.

Option Trades August 2006

Alright, the results are finally in for August because I held onto LNG for a long time till mid-September. August was a big struggle, lots of my stop losses were triggered, but my patience paid off with TEX and LNG. I won’t be trading much in September because I’ll be going on vacation on the 25th. So far I’m making a loss in September with CYT, but we’ll see…

Balance after exit trades made in August: $4,676.92 (+5.02%). Click “read more” to see my trades.

Option Trades July 2006 – Double Capital Month!

I finally doubled my capital! Now I’m aiming for $10k by the end of the year! I do think there’s a flaw in the options trading system I’m using, it’s missing a good exit strategy. I find some of my profits are either taken too early or the profits turn into loss. I’m looking for an exit strategy that can fit with the star trading system. If anyone has a good exit strategy for options, please share with me. 🙂

Balance after exit trades made in June: $4,453.25 (+13.60%). Click “read more” to see my trades.

Option Trades June 2006

I only did two trades this month and I made 2 mistakes in a row hehe. My telechart’s scans resulted in stocks that didn’t fit my trading system’s criteria most of the time this month, so I didn’t have to trade every day (and have more time to work on my websites).

For DGX, I made a limit order when I’m suppose to make a stop order on the 8th June, so the contract was sold at a small loss as soon as the market opened. I was pretty angry with myself because the stock was going the direction I wanted after I made that mistake :(.

For SWN… it was more of a lucky mistake, after a long wait (it felt long coz it was making losses most of the days), SWN finally profited so I limited 2 orders at $6 and had 15% trailing loss on all 3 contracts and went to sleep because I thought the stock won’t move that much to trigger both orders. Sure enough, both orders were executed and left me short selling 2 calls (I believe it’s called naked calls). Fortunately the next trading day SWN went down the hills and I sold at a $120 profit. Phew!

Balance after exit trades made in June: $3,920.19 (+11.20%)

Option Trades May 2006

Last month, I told you I’ll have my $1000 profits and more back in no time. Well, I gained it all back on the first week of May with TXT! It made a whopping 90% return! Markets were down most of the days but TXT managed to do well consistently.

Balance after exit trades made in May: $3,525.38 (+59.78%)

Option Trades April 2006

It’s been a BADDDDDD month! The market was extremely unkind. My biggest loss for the month was MCO, it took away about 70% of my profits (yes, from my recent USD$1000 profit milestone!). Just look at my trades below, you’ll see that I bought 3 contracts at an average price of $2.65 and sold it at a measly $0.05. It was the day that MCO’s earnings was announced and it didn’t meet the analysts’ expectation. At the opening of the market, I made market orders and limit orders to sell MCO but it kept getting rejected… The bid/ask price for MCO’s option was 0/0 and I watched MCO as it dropped like crazy.That went on for about 20 minutes. When the craziness finally stopped, the option finally showed some numbers and it’s 0/0.5… and of course, my stop loss was triggered. OUCH! That was a $780 loss excluding commission.

Option Trades March 2006

Two stocks (which I bought) opened with a gap this month…

SHFL had an earnings conference at 5pm on the day I bought the call options. The earnings announcement was great news and the next day, it opened with a huge gap upwards, my $1.85 call options became $5 instantaneously! It was also my first trade made with 2 contracts (I figured I have enough capital to buy more than 1 contract).

Option Trades February 2006

I didn’t do pretty good this month…

ET was a mistake, I accidentally executed a sell order on a put option which I’m suppose to buy. Made about $1 loss there from the commission charged.

HUM, OII and JBHT was doing great and gave me a $300 profit initially but because I held it for too long (greed sucks sometimes), I ended up with a $35 gross profit. *sob* I broke the system rules by not using trailing stop loss.

Option Trades January 2006

Well, what better time to start learning how to trade and invest than starting in a new year, right? These are REAL Trades. Yes… with REAL money. If you are interested to know which broker I’m using, please visit this page.

I started well with LLL, but STA didn’t do well and hit the stop loss.