You can check out my options broker. I opened my trading account at (TOS).

Apart from the fact that they have a weird name, they really set themselves apart from other options brokers. They have a unique website that’s not boring like other broker sites, sometimes their sales copy are really funny… Go to their “Our current promotions” page and you’ll know what I mean. I wonder when I’ll get my monkey… hmmm…

This funky company doesn’t only look good from the surface, they are also an options broker with exceptional customer support. They answer all my questions politely and what’s most impressive is that one of the rep said I can start trading with less than their minimum deposit of $3,500. He then immediately re-activated my already expired free-trial account for another 14 days without me asking him to. I’m absolutely pleased.

Thinkorswim’s commission fees for each options contract is $2.95 or $9.95 + $1.50 per contract, whichever lower. It is lower than if you trade less than 6 contracts. There’s no monthly fees or whatsoever. It’s as straightforward as that.

Their trading platform, “Think Desktop”, is excellent. I use it to trade, monitor stocks, analyze stocks and even the charts. It’s completely stable and extremely easy to use. Trading tools similar to ‘Think Desktop’ always charge monthly fee or very high prices ($200 and above) but TOS is the only online options broker that offers a trading platform for FREE.


The two things that I’m not satisfied with thinkorswim is that the trading software doesn’t show the bid/ask prices when you open the program during after-market hours and they don’t have paper trading. Other than that, if you are looking for an online options broker, then I’d suggest I don’t think you should waste your time looking at other brokers, this is the absolute best. Visit their site, download their software, try it out and please come back here to thank me for recommending you this valuable resource LOL!


On January 28th: TOS launched paperMoney, their new paper trading software. See their description:

“paperMoney, our groundbreaking papertrading functionality. Every thinkorswim login can now access a virtual margin account and a virtual IRA account each funded with $100,000 of ‘play money’. The functionality is exactly the same as the “live” thinkorswim platform, except that the trades aren’t real and you can start over anytime you like. PaperMoney lets you trade stock, options and futures 24/7 with all of the best tools in the business. So, go ahead and fire away. Sleep is overrated anyway.”

On February 25th: TOS launched TOS charts, their new charting package that includes:

* Streaming real-time data
* Over 140 technical studies
* 9 different drawing tools
* Single-click access to have 20 chart windows displayed on a single page
* Daily E-mini futures

Disclaimer: I do not earn commissions for recommending them to you. I just love being their customer and I love telling others that I’m their customer.

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