I was cleaning my hard drive and noticed a text file which I created in November when I was trading JBX. I kept this conversation between me and the TOS customer support representative. It was a very interesting trading day because what happened was this: I had a $1.20 trailing on JBX and I know the trailing stop of $1.20 was still very far away, but my JBX option was sold as soon as the market opened. Feeling somewhat irritated, I contacted my broker through live support with an intention to rant because I didn’t think I could get back my stock option… but it turned out I could. =)

So the moral of the story is: When you think it’s not possible, RANT!

The following is my conversation with TOS support:

kms: answer for request: I had my option on a trailing stop loss, and it was sold as soon as the market opened 🙁

<< session started with support >>

kms: let me look

you: it was $1.20 trailing, I can’t believe that it’s sold when the market and the stock’s up!

kms: I am checking

kms: please give your phone #

kms: I will call the exchnge


kms: ok we will correct this as we agree

kms: it should not have been sold

you: thanks

kms: the PSE exchange is busting it

kms: they are making bogus opening quotes or too wide tripping these orders

kms: I will take out the sale

you: does this happen often?

kms: this happened twice in this pit JBX

kms: its the only time I’ve ever saw it happen

you: how’d you know it happened twice?

kms: I had to call yesterday

kms: foranother customer

kms: please try a regular STOP if you can

kms: sorry for the trouble

you: okay, I got it… thanks very much for your help

kms: hello

kms: good thanks

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