At first when I saw the name “Liquid Trust” at ShareASale (An affiliate network with 100+ quality merchants), I thought it was a merchant selling financial products relating to trust funds. After a closer look at the description, it says:

“Liquid Trust is the world’s first Oxytocin product, specially formulated to make people trust you! Featured on NBC, ABC and WebMD. This product was just launched in August and is the first product to take advantage of the new scientific research of human hormone called Oxytocin. We are offering 25% revenue sharing per sale. We have found this product to generate a lot of interest and buzz. Our conversion rates have exceeded our expectation level!”

The Liquid Trust website,, boasts articles about the Oxytocin hormones from respectable publications such as National Geographic, WebMD, Scientific America, NBC, BBC, etc. According to Nature Magazine, research found that investors who had inhaled Oxytocin were significantly more willing to invest their money with people that they had just met.

Wowee… I’m so glad computers don’t spray out scents otherwise I’d have bought bulkloads at this website.

The first few things that came to my mind is that this trust potion will be particularly useful for con artists, politicians, criminals… It’s such an interesting product to be made fun of, I just had to blog about it…

In the future, fellow marketers/salespersons will be using them to increase sales.. our TVs and computers will have built-in unlimited sprays of oxytocin.

“So you’d like to advertise on our home shopping network? Do you want trust potion with that? It only costs 50% more of the fee!”

Oh, the horror! I think we better start churning out immunation towards Oxytocin.

If you’d like to give it a try, it costs only $49.95. I’ve got a $10 coupon if you are interested. On second thought… I think I’ll save the coupon for myself, I need a raise from my boss.


On a more serious note, Oxytocin has the potential to treat social phobias like autism and William’s Syndrome. Click here to read all about Oxytocin.

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