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Online Business Pharmaceutical site: Day 58: First Viagra Sale!

I just got my first Generic Viagra sale! This is a great boost in confidence because I felt like giving up on this pharmacy site. Everyday I login to my statistics, my commissions was always $0.00 but today when I logged on, it was $48.00! It feels great!

For all those who are new at affiliate marketing, I hope your first sale comes soon. Don’t give up, press on!

Online Business Pharmaceutical site: Day 20 – backlinks, backlinks, backl…zzzz

On 2 July, I exchanged 18 links
3 July, 8 links
6 July, 1 link
10 July, 22 links
11 July, 12 links
12 July, 9 links
15 July, links

Notice that the amount of links I exchanged reduce from 2nd to 6th July, but on 10th July I exchanged the most. No, it’s not because I was procrastinating (well, maybe a little). Before the 6th, I was using a manual way of looking for sites to exchange it with. This is done by searching the 3 major search engines (yahoo, google, msn) using the following search keyphrase:

Grab People’s Eyeballs!

It’s funny how people react to certain words or phrases. I don’t write sales copy much (a.k.a copywriting a.k.a. writing to sell), but I love writing attention-grabbing-headlines. I practice this a lot with MSN Messenger chat software thanks to its ease of changing nicknames, you can certainly try writing attention grabbing headlines that triggers a response. I’ve tried headlines from philosophical, funny to confusing.

Online Business Pharmaceutical site: Day 5

I finally bought the domain name for my pharma site (Re: Me, the Viagra Seller), since I’m starting the site from scratch while I fire away as many questions as I can to other affiliates. I probably should make this a nice case study for all of you. Anyway, I have successfully merged the wordpress with my pharma site after several days of struggling with the php code. I had a lot of problems with displaying the dynamic page titles on my merchant’s page, but I’m just glad this is all solved. I shall start on posting articles every day and exchanging 50 links every day.

Me, the Viagra Seller…

It seems options trading has stolen the limelight for this website, it’s not surprising since I update the options trading section more often than the affiliate marketing section. I haven’t been dabbling much on it since I’ve spent most of my nights on options. It was easy to just buy low, sell high compared to affiliate marketing which has all sorts of factors that determines the sales. The highest commission I’ve made so far this year is in April and since then it has stopped performing. 🙁 That was just one of the affiliate programs that I concentrated on. Since I’ve figured out the part on how to make capital gains, it’s time to work on my passive income…

Online Radio for Online Business Owners

Online radio for online business owners. Don’t you think the internet is awesome? Niche radio stations like these are a wealth of information:
The largest independent Internet talk radio station in the world. Their partners include eBay producing eBay Radio, a full line up for Entrepreneur Radio – “The Voice of Entrepreneur Magazine”, HayHouse Publications and their world renowned authors, along with many other high profile organizations like the American Marketing Association and individuals for business, health, hobby, and special interest shows. Talk shows ranging from eBay, Search Engine Optimization,Internet Marketing, Stamps, Photography, Everyday Wealth to Psychic, etc.

My Affiliate Datafeed Website is Finished!

It’s finished!

Please click to to shop for a variety of audiobooks.

Okay okay, I cheated. LOL! I initially wanted to do this website from scratch, zero, nada…. but with my lack of programming skills, I was going nowhere. Leaving my domain name empty due to my lack of incompetency is a real waste, so I’ve decided to get some help elsewhere.

Affiliate Marketing as a Business

I’m lucky to get exposure in the affiliate marketing industry at a young age (thanks to Ken Evoy), but contradictory to the hype about easily making big money online, it’s not as easy as you think. It’s not impossible either and I’m not giving up.

After inspired by the book, ‘Rich Dad, Poor Dad’, I took the time to learn about businesses’ from network marketing, franchising to investing, but after a few years of learning, you just get sick and tired and just want to start concentrating on a business and start DOING. I ended up choosing affiliate marketing.

Trust Potion

At first when I saw the name “Liquid Trust” at ShareASale (An affiliate network with 100+ quality merchants), I thought it was a merchant selling financial products relating to trust funds. After a closer look at the description, it says:

“Liquid Trust is the world’s first Oxytocin product, specially formulated to make people trust you! Featured on NBC, ABC and WebMD. This product was just launched in August and is the first product to take advantage of the new scientific research of human hormone called Oxytocin. We are offering 25% revenue sharing per sale. We have found this product to generate a lot of interest and buzz. Our conversion rates have exceeded our expectation level!”

I made a sale!

I made my first sale on my new website on the 28th November 2005!

To learn more about affiliate programs, visit this link: