I’ve forgotten how many days have past since I started that pharmaceutical site. Anyway, I set up an account at GoClick yesterday and had an advertisement up and running for my pharmacy site. I took the opportunity to offer a “weekend special” discount to the visitors who came through the ad and changed my website template to include an announcement about that offer (e.g. “Save $20 on your purchases! Type in coupon code: XXXXX after checkout”).

While setting my site to go in line with the ads, I was pretty skeptical of my site. I wasn’t sure whether it’ll convert my visitors to customers well enough. So on day 2 (about 50 clicks on my site later), I set up another website – this time using my merchant’s default templates and without discounts. I had increased the prices on my own site and the prices are lower (default price) at my merchant’s default templates. My site will have the same price as the merchant’s after the discount.

So here are the results:

My own site:-
Total clicks: 192
Total spent: $11.86
Sales: 0
Loss: -$11.86

Merchant’s site:-
Total clicks: 138
Total spent: $9.09
Sales: 2
Profit: $74.91

The only keyword that converted the sales was “viagra”. I had bids on other keywords such as “buy viagra”, “buy generic viagra”, etc. I thought these specific keywords would convert better because I read somewhere that the specific ones give targetted visitors on google adwords, it probably works differently on a smaller PPC network like GoClick.com.

Unfortunately, I was right to doubt about my own website. After running through my statistics, most of the visitors who came to my site only visited the page I was advertising (It means they entered and left at the same page). Whereas the visitors to my merchant’s site, they didn’t just exit as soon as they visited. They’d at least click around the site e.g. FAQ, policy page, tracking page, etc. I guess it pays to have a good designer lol. I find PPC a great tool to test your website’s appeal factor and it has given me clues of what to improve on my site and since this PPC campaign was a success, I’m going to expand into other keywords for my other products such as cialis, levitra, accutane, lipitor etc.

If you are interested in making some money online without the hassle of creating a website, then I recommend my pharmaceutical merchant. They provide affiliates professional site templates that has a good reputation of converting visitors to customers.

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