It’s finished!

Please click to to shop for a variety of audiobooks.

Okay okay, I cheated. LOL! I initially wanted to do this website from scratch, zero, nada…. but with my lack of programming skills, I was going nowhere. Leaving my domain name empty due to my lack of incompetency is a real waste, so I’ve decided to get some help elsewhere.

When you don’t programme, there’s always free 3rd party scripts out there. I found and the founder of Corporation – David Cusimano – is a real gentleman for helping me at installing the script for this website. It it weren’t for him, there won’t be any Now let’s do a comparison between me starting from scratch and installing a 3rd party script:

Starting from scratch:
Length of time: 3 months
Progress completion : 0.01%

Installing a 3rd party script:
Length of time: less than 24 hours
Progress completion: 100%

Clear winner: Install 3rd party script!

Of course, just because is up doesn’t mean it’ll automatically make any sales. I still have yet to promote it and figure out how to optimize it for search engine and a lot of other thingies. But I thought I should give all of you a heads up of my new website, when you want excellent audiobooks, visit!

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