How did PipSqueak get cheap rates
when I get a headache whenever
I receive my phone bill?

It used to be IDD services that save money on phone calls, now with VOIP you can call anywhere for free* (notice that I use an asterix, I wish all businesses can survive by giving free stuff *wink*). Skype is one example of VOIP, you can call pc to pc (meaning you, the caller, and the receiver has to talk through your pc with mic and speakers/headsets) and also pc to phone line for a fee.

Recently, I found something even cheaper. I stumbled upon, they have a free trial which I can use to call to a few major destinations (US, Canada, Singapore, Australia, and many more) for free. When I first tried it out, I keyed in my number and the destination number and clicked the “call” button, the next thing I know, my land-line phone started ringing! I picked it up and I can hear the calling tone which connects to the destination number. Calls are extremely clear. Best thing is I can even make local calls for free. I used it to call friends in US and my parents in another state in Malaysia. It’s all gooooooood. The only catch of the free trial is that it lasts only for a minute or two.

I decided to buy credits because it is worth it to pay, it’s about USD$0.0136 per minute for calls to US and that’s cheaper than IDD rates here. Furthermore, I am given 120 free call days (to selected destinations), that means I can call for free in 120 days. However, this doesn’t mean I can call every day for as long as I want but it’s 5 hours free every 7 days, so that’s about 85 hours of free calls in 120 days…. it’s all gooooooooood.

Just as I thought I’d read every little fine print and covered every single fees on the website, I was charged euro 5 cents for every connection I make. But you know what? Yup, it’s cheap so it is still all goooooood. 😉

If you want to save your phone bills, get a voip service provider. It doesn’t matter if it’s voipstunt or skype, the important this is the voip service provider is reliable and offers call rates you are happy with.

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