Build A Website that Sells Part 1 – Picking a Topic and Establishing Your Internet Presence

I’ve made this tutorial as easy as possible so that not too many technical skills (except a bit of HTML) are required for you to start building your very own website.

Basically, when you want to build a website that sells. There’s 3 ways to go about it:

Option 1:
Purchase an easily customizable website such as Site Build It!, made by the good people at Sitesell, Inc

Site Build It! (SBI!) is one of the most comprehensive e-commerce packages I have ever seen. My father is a user of SBI!. Despite his lack of knowledge about designing websites and online marketing, the step-by-step tutorials has led my father to a new source of income. If you wish to get into the game of building an e-commerce site without going through too many hassles, I’d highly recommend Site Build It!

Option 2:
Get a free website or a blog.

This is a very good way to start especially when you are a newbie, because most free site/blog providers are easy to set-up and has a WYSIWYG (what you see is what you get) site builder. However, all these free stuff are at an expense of a professional look. You’d get a website address of “” instead of a “”. It’s always good to purchase a domain name (.com), so that when your website becomes popular… you can move your visitors to a new host with ease (see “Choosing Your Own .com”).

Option 3:
Purchase your domain name and web hosting separately. Make your own website. Do your own search engine optimization and online marketing. Sounds like more hassle compared to option 1 and 2? Option 3 requires a some technical knowledge.

Picking A Topic – Choosing the theme for your website

The greatest thing about the internet when it comes to making websites is that you can write about ANYTHING you want. However, I don’t suggest building a website just because it’s looks like it’ll make a lot of money. It is important to choose a topic that you like, this makes it easier for you to write contents for your visitors for years to come. Also, don’t be too greedy and make a website about everything under the sun, chances are your visitors will become confused when they arrive at your site that talks about gambling, ecards, jobs, software, weather etc.

Establishing Your Internet Presence – Choosing Your Own .com

Getting your own .com is not only cheap but it’s also a permanent address for your website, you can switch from host to host without having to provide your visitors with a new address… a .com sticks with you wherever your website goes.

Choosing a domain name is easier if you already know what kind of website you have in mind. If you wish to build a website about gardening, you may want to choose a domain name along those lines. Chances are general terms like or are already taken, so use your creativity and choose a domain name with combination of words e.g. or choose another domain extension like .info, .biz, .be etc.

When I buy domain names, I love because they offer the cheapest price on the internet. Be sure to look for their promo codes to get discounts when you purchase your domains.

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