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Happy Father’s Day and Rich Dad’s Special Treats!

Updated 15 July 2007 – This offer is now closed I wish to say “Happy Father’s Day” to my beloved dad and also to all dads around the world. The date of Father’s day this year is 17th June if you don’t remember (tsk tsk 😉 ). I’ve got an *insider news* for you, this […]

Last Reminder: Trade With Forex Instructors for FREE!

I just want to remind all of you that the deadline for the FREE forex trading class ends on 15th June. Period. The Live Trading Room is originally valued at $145 per month and they are giving it everyday for free until 15th June 2007. What are you waiting for?

May 2007 Option Trades

The bad month continues… 😐 . I stopped trading in the middle of May to get a breather. I think if I were to get revenge on the market, my funds will probably get less. I figured it was my desperation to break the $5k mark that clouded my decision-making as well.