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Trade Live with Qualified Forex Instructors for Free!

Hello Everyone,

I have something G-R-E-A-T to share with all of you. I found a wonderful new resource that teaches forex trading. When I say “teaches” it’s not a textual website or a e-book, these lessons are conducted by real-time instructors presenting the lessons with audio and visual technology. It is not pre-recorded video so you can ask questions and get answers from the instructors along the way.

One of their free classes “The 200 Moving Average” just blew me away! I expected that they’d only teach what 200MAs are, but to my surprise, they taught the whole trading system which you can already use for trading!! From defining a clear profit target, defining stop losses, to how to enter the trade.

April 2007 Option Trades

Not my proudest month. A combination of bad luck and stupidity: ROK’s CFO resigned and caused the stock to drop like a tank, HOG was a gamble at the earnings play. I was also scaling up on OEX puts (Options intelligence picks) with the belief that the market is reaching resistance, but it didn’t and kept on going up. I hate losing, and I’m losing badly in this month (May) too :(… ARGH!

Balance after exit trades made in November: $3,210.11 (-28.98%). Click “read more” to see my trades.

Alanis Morissete Singing “My Humps”

Happy Mother’s Day!


Happy Mother’s Day to all mothers in the world!