Entries for April, 2007

Super Heroes and Super Villains

Today marks the last day at my day job… It took me a few months to consider whether to quit my job. I started to consider it seriously when my PPC campaign made about 900% ROI on top of my capital of $100 in December, that was when I converted my salary from Malaysian Ringgit […]

March 2007 Option Trades

All winners this month except for mistakenly putting a limit order instead of a stop loss on my OEX puts. I ended up buying half of my original purchase after the accident because the OEX trade was not part of the star trading system, I was not very confident about it. I used the support and resistance from the point and figure chart with 30 and 50MA indicators to decide whether to get in this trade. Thanks to Lastchance who enlightened me about support and resistance using point and figure charts. He’s been trying to get me to learn it for months and I only picked it up after he’s successfully done a few trades.

The good thing about all these trades was that I made the sell decision based on the support and resistance and so far they are doing okay. It feels good to be certain about when to exit.

Balance after exit trades made in November: $4,519.78 (+18.94%). Click “read more” to see my trades.

February 2007 Option Trades

I started the new “trading strategy” this month. It’s and frankly speaking, I don’t even see it as a “strategy”. There’s very heavy reliance on the picks and the service is so vague and the service provider so fickle-minded. One e-mail says to buy if it goes through XXX price, and next e-mail says to sell it immediately because of market conditions (even though the stock/index met his price conditions). This is what happened with CROX and I was fumed. It was also my fault for not starting small with these picks resulting in a big loss.

Options-intelligence has two services, Dave’s play and Core strategy. My friends and I bought the Core Strategy system which is a membership that lasts a lifetime. The core strategy consists of 13 counters (stocks and indices) that is to be traded during the options expiry week (3rd week of each month). Included with the package is access to the options-intelligence blog which posts the blog owner’s trades from time to time (blog owner and OI owner is different, surprisingly). Although I’m dissatisfied with the core strategy, a few of my friends told me that the picks on the OI blog is really good so the purchase was well worth it after all.

Picks from Option-Intelligence core strategy this month are: DIA, QQQQ and CROX.

Only two star trading system pick this month (AGE and CHRW) because I went for a vacation during the Chinese New Year holidays.

Balance after exit trades made in November: $3,800.04 (-20.24%) *OUCH*. Click “read more” to see my trades.

January 2007 Option Trades

GLW could have been a winner if I did not leave the last contract to gamble on the earnings news. I ended up with a small loss of 1.56%.

Balance after exit trades made in November: $4,764.62 (+10.55%). Click “read more” to see my trades.