Entries for November, 2006


I added my sites to google and yahoo sitemap today, hopefully that’ll increase my traffic. Some people says submitting their sitemaps causes them to have poorer rankings, others say otherwise. I’m keeping my fingers crossed.

Learn more about sitemaps at wikipedia

Account Suspended… Eh?

Today when I wanted to check my site statistics, my browser showed me this page:



After contacting my host, they told me it’s because I have used more than 5% of their CPU resources. Ouch, I immediately know what caused it. It’s my experimental blog… “Headlines of the Rich” (Read Post).

October Option Trades 2006

Phooey.. 1 win and 3 streak losses. I wonder what I’m doing wrong… December’s getting close and I really want to achieve my $10k dream. :'(

Balance after exit trades made in October: $3,464.17 (-17.71%). Click “read more” to see my trades.

MoreNiche’s Early Christmas Presents!

MoreNicheLook at the goodies MoreNiche sent me by DHL this morning! I won one of their contest and received a MP3 Player, T-shirt, a bag and a leather wallet! Neat, huh?

The IMoreNiche program is completely free to join. They provide guides to help newbies with internet marketing, a team of web designers, SEO consultants and programmers to help you get your business going…. and guess what? Their services are free as long as you are promoting their products.

PPC Abuse Awareness Video

There has been a recent explosion in abuse of AdWords, Google’s PPC (pay per click) advertising platform. It is apparent that the techniques do not follow Google’s own clear guidelines. Unfortunately, users and legitimate advertisers pay the price, while Google and the unscrupulous advertisers profit.

PPC Campaign ended

My funds ($100 + $5 free) on my PPC campaign finally finished and I only ended up with 3 sales (commission $125) which gave me a $25 profit. I think that’s a very good start because I’m not making a loss. I’m going to try another campaign but this time targetting only US and Canada instead of worldwide traffic.

So here are the final results: