Entries for October, 2006

Online Business Pharmaceutical Site – PPC First Sale

I’ve forgotten how many days have past since I started that pharmaceutical site. Anyway, I set up an account at GoClick yesterday and had an advertisement up and running for my pharmacy site. I took the opportunity to offer a “weekend special” discount to the visitors who came through the ad and changed my website template to include an announcement about that offer (e.g. “Save $20 on your purchases! Type in coupon code: XXXXX after checkout”).

Affiliate Revenue September 2006

Sorry for the late report, I totally forgot about this section hehe. Going to try Pay-Per-Click around November, I met someone on the RX forums who’s doing PPC on his pharmacy site, he uses the smaller pay per click advertising companies like GoClick or Search7. I never tried those because I don’t think the traffic will be as good as Google Adwords or Yahoo! Search Marketing, but small PPC companies are the only way to advertise pharmacy sites if you don’t have a pharmacy ID (Yahoo and Google requires you to have a pharmacy ID if you bid on drug keywords like “Accutane” or “Cialis”, etc). Time to try something new! 🙂

Why We Want You to be Rich – RK and The Donald

I haven’t logged in to Richdad forums for a few months and just today when I wanted to get to some old post I made in the Richdad forums, the welcome page wowed me away. There was a picture of a sleek black book cover with the photos of Robert Kiyosaki and The Donald. The book is entitled “Why We Want You to be Rich: Two Men, One Message”.

September Option Trades 2006

Made only one trade this month (CYT November $55 Puts). I didn’t want to be holding any trades while I’m on vacation in Bangkok, I haven’t had a good, long vacation for quite a while so it’s nice to breakaway from the computer. The one and only trade made a loss and it also came with my famous mistake (bought naked put by accidentally selling it twice… ARGH). Luckily, I sold CYT’s naked puts at breakeven.

Balance after exit trades made in September: $4,209.49 (-9.99%). Click “read more” to see my trades.