Entries for September, 2006

Option Trades August 2006

Alright, the results are finally in for August because I held onto LNG for a long time till mid-September. August was a big struggle, lots of my stop losses were triggered, but my patience paid off with TEX and LNG. I won’t be trading much in September because I’ll be going on vacation on the 25th. So far I’m making a loss in September with CYT, but we’ll see…

Balance after exit trades made in August: $4,676.92 (+5.02%). Click “read more” to see my trades.

Online Business Pharmaceutical site: Day 77: First Cialis Sale!

This time, a sale on Cialis and a whopping $78 commission. Two sales and already $100+ in commissions, this is getting interesting. Commissions are very impressive. Next step… to make a sale every week.

If you are interested in selling pharmaceutical products like Hoodia, Soma, Cialis, etc… then give my

Save Money on Phone Calls

How did PipSqueak get cheap rates
when I get a headache whenever
I receive my phone bill?

It used to be IDD services that save money on phone calls, now with VOIP you can call anywhere for free* (notice that I use an asterix, I wish all businesses can survive by giving free stuff *wink*). Skype is one example of VOIP, you can call pc to pc (meaning you, the caller, and the receiver has to talk through your pc with mic and speakers/headsets) and also pc to phone line for a fee.

Affiliate Revenue August 2006

Well, I thought to myself that if I report my progress on options trading… I should do the same for my affiliate revenues. These are passive income, sometimes my sales are made when I’m at work or when I’m asleep. This is something I’m proud of. It’s not as great as options, but I want to grow it to ease my transition from a job to a work-at-home (or anywhere around the world) business!