Entries for July, 2006

Cashless Monopoly?

Credit cards, Debit cards, paypal… but cashless Monopoly?

Parker has ditched their colourful paper money and partnered with Visa to come up with a debit card and a card reader for all future editions of the Monopoly games.

“We started looking at what Monopoly would look like if we designed it today,” said Chris Weatherhead, a Britain.-based spokesman for Hasbro Inc., which makes the best-selling board game. “We noticed consumers are using debit cards, carrying around cash a lot less.”

Online Business Pharmaceutical site: Day 20 – backlinks, backlinks, backl…zzzz

On 2 July, I exchanged 18 links
3 July, 8 links
6 July, 1 link
10 July, 22 links
11 July, 12 links
12 July, 9 links
15 July, links

Notice that the amount of links I exchanged reduce from 2nd to 6th July, but on 10th July I exchanged the most. No, it’s not because I was procrastinating (well, maybe a little). Before the 6th, I was using a manual way of looking for sites to exchange it with. This is done by searching the 3 major search engines (yahoo, google, msn) using the following search keyphrase:

Video: Better Sales and Motivation Cartoon

We want to learn how to close sales, don’t we?
I assume you want a better life, don’t you?
Philby Sellmore presents tips and techniques on better sales and motivation.

Grab People’s Eyeballs!

It’s funny how people react to certain words or phrases. I don’t write sales copy much (a.k.a copywriting a.k.a. writing to sell), but I love writing attention-grabbing-headlines. I practice this a lot with MSN Messenger chat software thanks to its ease of changing nicknames, you can certainly try writing attention grabbing headlines that triggers a response. I’ve tried headlines from philosophical, funny to confusing.

Option Trades June 2006

I only did two trades this month and I made 2 mistakes in a row hehe. My telechart’s scans resulted in stocks that didn’t fit my trading system’s criteria most of the time this month, so I didn’t have to trade every day (and have more time to work on my websites).

For DGX, I made a limit order when I’m suppose to make a stop order on the 8th June, so the contract was sold at a small loss as soon as the market opened. I was pretty angry with myself because the stock was going the direction I wanted after I made that mistake :(.

For SWN… it was more of a lucky mistake, after a long wait (it felt long coz it was making losses most of the days), SWN finally profited so I limited 2 orders at $6 and had 15% trailing loss on all 3 contracts and went to sleep because I thought the stock won’t move that much to trigger both orders. Sure enough, both orders were executed and left me short selling 2 calls (I believe it’s called naked calls). Fortunately the next trading day SWN went down the hills and I sold at a $120 profit. Phew!

Balance after exit trades made in June: $3,920.19 (+11.20%)

Online Business Pharmaceutical site: Day 5

I finally bought the domain name for my pharma site (Re: Me, the Viagra Seller), since I’m starting the site from scratch while I fire away as many questions as I can to other affiliates. I probably should make this a nice case study for all of you. Anyway, I have successfully merged the wordpress with my pharma site after several days of struggling with the php code. I had a lot of problems with displaying the dynamic page titles on my merchant’s page, but I’m just glad this is all solved. I shall start on posting articles every day and exchanging 50 links every day.