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Online Business – The Way of Making Money

I really like this advertisement. I don’t know which company made this, but it serves as a wake-up call for most who doesn’t know what they are missing. This pre

Me, the Viagra Seller…

It seems options trading has stolen the limelight for this website, it’s not surprising since I update the options trading section more often than the affiliate marketing section. I haven’t been dabbling much on it since I’ve spent most of my nights on options. It was easy to just buy low, sell high compared to affiliate marketing which has all sorts of factors that determines the sales. The highest commission I’ve made so far this year is in April and since then it has stopped performing. 🙁 That was just one of the affiliate programs that I concentrated on. Since I’ve figured out the part on how to make capital gains, it’s time to work on my passive income…

Headlines of the Rich and Famous

“Wanted: The Richest Man on the Planet”

I’ve just created another blog called “Headlines of the Rich” which will serve you the latest news about some of the famous rich people like Bill Gates, Warren Buffet, Oprah Winfrey, Donald Trump etc. I’m still building up the list, but if you think I’ve missed out someone, please comment!

The blog is here:

How much can you afford to lose?

When it comes to investing, the most important question is not how much the return is or how much the risk is but how much money can you afford to lose?

I’m not being negative here, this is a very down-to-earth question. It hurts me to hear about people who took out a second mortgage on their home to buy a hot-tip stock only to lose all of it. Sure, if you did this and it all works out, you’ll be a very rich man but what if it doesn’t? You will not only put your life in poverty, but also your family’s. Think about your children or grandchildren who will have to pay your debt if you can’t pay it off when you are alive. This is not called investing, it’s called betting your life. Don’t ever, ever kid yourself that you will never lose money.

Cashflow 101

Discover how the financial board game, Cashflow 101, can show you the ways of the rich and the habits of the poor and middle-class. Click for animation.

National Achievers’ Congress 2006

About two weeks ago, I attended a 2-day seminar called “National Achievers’ Congress 2006”. During the two-day seminar, 7 speakers from around the world enlighten us with their experience and knowledge in their area of expertise. The two main speakers were Jim Rohn and Dolf De Roos.

Video: Jim Rohn – “Excelling in the New Millennium: Personal Development”

A video from “Excelling in the New Millennium: Personal Development”, Jim Rohn shares his experience with personal development revealing valuable essentials to becoming wealthy in mind and body. I attended the National Achievers Congress 2006 on the 15th and 16th of May, Jim Rohn was one of the speakers. He’s remarkable!