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Build A Website that Sells Part 3

Build A Website that Sells Part 3 – Show Me the Money!

Here comes the juicy part… How do you make money from your website?

Did you know that there are more than one revenue models you can use for just one website? You can make money by:

1) Creating your own products to sell
2) Selling other people’s products
3) Selling advertisements

1) Creating your own products to sell

Pros at Work (pics)


I laughed myself to tears when I saw these pictures, it’s so hilarious! I never saw it coming…

Retro Dance (Video)

I love this!

Build A Website that Sells Part 2

Build A Website that Sells Part 2 – Simple Search Engine Optimization

Welcome to tutorial 2 of the Build a Website that Sells Series. It was hard to decide over whether to write about content for search engines or choosing affliates programs first. Eventually, I came to a conclusion that content is king!

No one on the internet can search for information at a site which consists only of graphics, pictures or flash animation. They search for information at a site filled with text content. Search engines welcome websites with content and not websites that splatter only banner ads on the page. It’s what fuels the internet and it will stay that way for as long as it exists.

My Affiliate Datafeed Website is Finished!

It’s finished!

Please click to to shop for a variety of audiobooks.

Okay okay, I cheated. LOL! I initially wanted to do this website from scratch, zero, nada…. but with my lack of programming skills, I was going nowhere. Leaving my domain name empty due to my lack of incompetency is a real waste, so I’ve decided to get some help elsewhere.

Build A Website that Sells Part 1

Build A Website that Sells Part 1 – Picking a Topic and Establishing Your Internet Presence

I’ve made this tutorial as easy as possible so that not too many technical skills (except a bit of HTML) are required for you to start building your very own website.

Basically, when you want to build a website that sells. There’s 3 ways to go about it:

Option 1:
Purchase an easily customizable website such as Site Build It!, made by the good people at Sitesell, Inc

How About Bidding for Money?

The internet just blows me away with new ideas everyday. Before this, it was, a shipping/moving bidding site that lets users bid for or list their moving services (from cargo shipping, moving vans, etc).

Now it’s,… a bidding site for.. guess what? LOANS! If you are looking for a great lending rate or you want to invest your money for a better return than the banks, you should check out this website.