Entries for March, 2006

The Ticking Time Bomb

My old alarm clock desperately needs to be replaced, I had to set my alarm to 5am to wake me up at around 7am. The 2 hour gap randomly increases and decreases every day so a lot of guessing work was involved.

My friend and I went to an area near Ikea to have dinner, after that we decided to stop by Ikea so that I can get a frying pan (cheap!).

While in a rush to go home, Ikea’s Dekad caught my eye. I just had to buy it. I always have a knack for vintage watches and clocks. It has a sleek, black metal body and it doesn’t look like cheap plastic replicas, there are no letterings or cartoon pictures on the clock face. It only costs me RM25 and I was obsessed with it ever since I paid for it at the counter. It’s perfect!

Create Your Own Free Budget Worksheet

Free Budget Worksheet for those who constantly asks “Where did my money go?”, run your numbers through this free printable budget worksheet (excel format) after you tracked your expenses.

This is a great personal budget worksheet because it saves me from forgetting expenses that exists. Sometimes I forget to include small on-going expenses like newspapers and this worksheet saves me from recalling what expenses I have and don’t have, this budget worksheet lists all the expenses from daily expenses to bi-monthly haircut to an occasional vacation.

Option Trades March 2006

Two stocks (which I bought) opened with a gap this month…

SHFL had an earnings conference at 5pm on the day I bought the call options. The earnings announcement was great news and the next day, it opened with a huge gap upwards, my $1.85 call options became $5 instantaneously! It was also my first trade made with 2 contracts (I figured I have enough capital to buy more than 1 contract).

PR Storm

Started using on 17/03/06. We shall see whether it has increased my PR (currently 2) and my traffic.

Why I don’t use paid to surf programs – revisited

If anyone remembers my previous post about how paid-to-surf program sucks, I wish to take back what I said… partially.

I registered for an account at Alexa Booster, a paid-to-surf program. So I’d like to take back what I said about paid-to-surf programs, they don’t suck…. they just suck if you wanna get paid to surf, but they are great when you want to advertise and increase your website traffic for free!

Option Trades February 2006

I didn’t do pretty good this month…

ET was a mistake, I accidentally executed a sell order on a put option which I’m suppose to buy. Made about $1 loss there from the commission charged.

HUM, OII and JBHT was doing great and gave me a $300 profit initially but because I held it for too long (greed sucks sometimes), I ended up with a $35 gross profit. *sob* I broke the system rules by not using trailing stop loss.