Entries for February, 2006

Passive Income

With the invention of the internet, making money is easier than ever. The reason is you can make money when you answer surveys online or get paid to read e-mails on the internet. Now isn’t it easy to make money?

There are many paid-to-surf programs, “paid to read e-mail” programs, etc on the internet but the question you have to ask yourself is do you really want to answer surveys for the rest of your life? Is this an income you can depend on when you retire?

Option Trades January 2006

Well, what better time to start learning how to trade and invest than starting in a new year, right? These are REAL Trades. Yes… with REAL money. If you are interested to know which broker I’m using, please visit this page.

I started well with LLL, but STA didn’t do well and hit the stop loss.