Entries for January, 2006

January06 Option Trades

Paper trade.

Date/ Action/ Symbol Description / Quantity/ Price / Commission charged/ Net gain/(loss)

1/9/2006 STC .NSMAE-NSM JAN 25 Call Qty:1 Px:$3.5 Comm:$14.95 Net:335.03
1/4/2006 BTO .NSMAE-NSM JAN 25 Call Qty:1 Px:$2.35 Comm:$14.95 Net:-249.95
Gain of $85.08

1/11/2006 STC .INQAE-INTC JAN 25 Call Qty:1 Px:$1.45 Comm:$14.95 Net:130.04

My options broker – I opened a trading account

You can check out my options broker. I opened my trading account at (TOS).

Apart from the fact that they have a weird name, they really set themselves apart from other options brokers. They have a unique website that’s not boring like other broker sites, sometimes their sales copy are really funny… Go to their “Our current promotions” page and you’ll know what I mean. I wonder when I’ll get my monkey… hmmm…

December option trades

Paper trading. I have a starting capital of $5000 for my simulations.

12/29/2005 Sell to Close (STC)
.CQIAB-CAMP JAN 2006 10 Call Qty:1 Price:$0.75 Commission:$14.95 Net amount:$60.04

12/21/2005 Buy to Order (BTO)
.CQIAB-CAMP JAN 2006 10 Call Qty:1 Price:$1.3 Commission:$14.95 Net amount:$(144.95)
Loss of ($84.91)

12/29/2005 STC
.LQHAK-CELG JAN 2006 55 Call Qty:2 Price:$8.1 Comm:$14.95 Net:$1605

Options trading

Income stream #1 – Options trading

I had always wanted to learn how to trade options. IMHO, I like the leverage that options trading give and it’s also cheaper than stocks, forex and futures. I attended options trading workshop previews, read books about it and I have a very basic idea of how to buy and sell them by doing some paper trades (trading simulation) at, but from the trades I made using the simulation… it was pure gamble because I had no system whatsoever…

Dear people of earth, we installed laser guns on your toilet seats and activation shall commence in 5.. 4.. 3..

This must be my all-time favourite nickname. An inspiration from Hitchhiker’s Guide to the Galaxy and War of the Worlds.

What file extension am I?

Found out this quiz from another blog, I’m a .ogg …… What a weird file extension, that explains the description I got.

You are .ogg Even though many people consider you cool and happening, a lot still find that you're a bit too weird to hang out with.

Affiliate Marketing as a Business

I’m lucky to get exposure in the affiliate marketing industry at a young age (thanks to Ken Evoy), but contradictory to the hype about easily making big money online, it’s not as easy as you think. It’s not impossible either and I’m not giving up.

After inspired by the book, ‘Rich Dad, Poor Dad’, I took the time to learn about businesses’ from network marketing, franchising to investing, but after a few years of learning, you just get sick and tired and just want to start concentrating on a business and start DOING. I ended up choosing affiliate marketing.

Make way for the world traveller

My dream is to travel the world. I shall experience the culture and the life of the locals. I shall travel alone: no annoying people telling me that they want to live in luxury hotels instead of budget inns, no shop-a-holics who wants to go shopping in each place they visit. An adventure for me would be to go pick pineapples with the locals, try food which I’ve never tasted before (with reason, of course… none of those live squids in South Korea….