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My 2006 resolution

In 2006, I will

1) Manage my time better.
I want to stop working overtime at my job so that I can have more time to build my own “dream job”.

2) Eat healthier.
Cut down on junk food intake and to cook instead of eating out. Eat my vitamins regularly.

3) Read less, do more.
I spend a lot of time researching on the internet and sometimes I get distracted by all the other interesting things it leads to. I will apply more of what I learn and stop reading the theories.

Why I don’t use paid to surf programs…

I have been referred by my friends to join numerous paid-to-surf programs such as cashfiesta, studio traffic, etc. and I always give a straight “no”.

I do not consider this a passive income, it’s just another quickie to make money. As most of you notice at my front page, I’m concentrating on long-term residual income… something that pays me monthly and gives me the security that the cheques are coming. Not something that comes and goes (which I have seen paid-to-surf programs do over the years). Besides, how long are these companies going to last? A lot of paid-to-surf programs doesn’t last because we, smart humans, don’t just click on ads… we invent software to automatically click them. Do you think you will be happy that your website are visited by robots if you are an advertiser on the paid-to-surf program? Of course not!

Which Cashflow Game is Better? E-game or Board game?

This is a frequently asked question for every new buyer of Robert Kiyosaki’s Cashflow games. To make it easy for you to decide, I have prepared a brief list of pros and cons for both versions of the e-game.

Link Partners

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Trust Potion

At first when I saw the name “Liquid Trust” at ShareASale (An affiliate network with 100+ quality merchants), I thought it was a merchant selling financial products relating to trust funds. After a closer look at the description, it says:

“Liquid Trust is the world’s first Oxytocin product, specially formulated to make people trust you! Featured on NBC, ABC and WebMD. This product was just launched in August and is the first product to take advantage of the new scientific research of human hormone called Oxytocin. We are offering 25% revenue sharing per sale. We have found this product to generate a lot of interest and buzz. Our conversion rates have exceeded our expectation level!”

Why I Can’t Live Without Firefox

I tried… I really tried….

I couldn’t help it… I just had to download FireFox at my office! Surfing the internet just sucks with Internet Explorer.

If you don’t have FireFox, you are missing out a browser that’s simple, speedy and expandable. Here are top 5 reasons why FireFox is my favourite browser.

1) It is SUPER fast

Enough said, Internet Explorer’s a slow poke.

2) Tabbed Browsing
My most used feature on FireFox browser is tabbed browsing, this saves me from clouding up my taskbar with every website that I open. Here’s a quick comparison:

[inline:1=FireFox Browser’s Tabbed Browsing]

FireFox tabbed browsing. One browser, multiple sites.