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Online Business for Everyone

When we think of successful online businesses, websites such as: (biggest online bookstore), (largest auction website), (most well-known search engine) usually spring into mind. On the contrary, you probably have heard of dot-com companies turned dot-bombs. So you think, “How do I make money on the internet when I don’t have money to advertise like those big guys such as or”

I made a sale!

I made my first sale on my new website on the 28th November 2005!

To learn more about affiliate programs, visit this link:

The Wealth Mentors

I just signed up for a “Smart Traders Seminar” which will be taught by Mirriam MacWilliams. I went to a lot of free options trading seminar previews during this year and I’ve learnt a lot in all of them even though they weren’t the full course.

The ad for Mirriam’s appealed to me because, well, she’s a woman. I’ve seen dozens of ads on options by male speakers, but this was my first time seeing a woman and that’s nice! It’s refreshing and indirectly convince me that I can do it too. I didn’t even pay attention to the text of the ad (I only realized the ad said “In 2 years, I made $2,000,000 in the stock market and I can show how to do it” after the preview).

The seniority complex

This is a cycle that has repeated millions of times in life which I call “the seniority complex”. You know those time when you are in college and you talk to a graduate (who just started work) about your frustrations in college? They’ll say, “College life is the best, you should enjoy it now while you are there”.

Okay, fine. Then when you start working and you complain that the first few weeks you have nothing to do in the office, the seniors will say “Enjoy it while you can, because there will be a lot of work in the future”.

Dealing with my employee mentality

Today I went for an interview at a financial advisor/fund management company.

I applied for the position of equities analyst in this company because it has a reputable investment newsletter and has a great track record in fund management. A friend, who’s also a subscriber of theirs, also has high recommendations about them and he says I’ll learn a lot about building assets from the fund manager (my interviewer) if I work there.

Get Rich Quick? Get Real!

I confess, back when I was young(er) and foolish, I had a get-rich-quick mentality. I want money NOW! (who doesn’t?) but reality hits sooner or later…

ALL businesses need effort, time and energy

ANY business, no matter traditional or new age businesses, needs time and effort. Sure, new age businesses such as network marketing or online business makes it easier for anyone to start a business with very little money but what many don’t realize is the failure rate for any type of business is high.

Best Cashflow 101 Game Tips

Best Cashflow 101 Game Tips… From Rich Dad’s Global Community

Hats off to Rich Dad gamers around the world! Below are some shared game tips that inspire us to ‘learn by doing.’

TIP #1: Never…Ever…Quit.
I believe that there are many things to understand to succeed at the game. But, for me, the most important is: NEVER, EVER, EVER, EVER QUIT — ON YOURSELF! No matter how you feel, NEVER QUIT!

About me


Currently I work in an accounting firm as an associate consultant, making ends meet. So why should you visit a site about building wealth created by someone like me?

That’s because I am not someone who inherited millions, I’m 22 years old and starting out from scratch, just like you (most of you), to retire early. I moved out of my parents’ house and found a job in the city to be financially independent: pay my own bills, rent and expenses while I learn to create passive income. is about sharing my interests, knowledge and experience from my ups and downs. If others can turn their life around, achieve financial freedom and attain their desires, so can you and I.

4 types of Splurgers, which one are you?

Do you indulge in splurging or over-spending? Do your parents or your spouse complain that you spend too much? Do you find that you actually charged more than you thought in your credit card bills? Do you find your room cluttered with things you don’t use? Do you sometimes end up buying something even though you only intended to window shop? If you answer yes for any of these questions, you may suffer from one or more of the following splurger-syndrome:

If you aren’t going to pay yourself first, who will?

The objective of this article is very simple – to teach you to Pay Yourself First. Although a very common advice in the financial planning world, not many people practice this simple but powerful wealth-building technique. If you find yourself wondering what you spent that paycheck on at the end of every month, here are 3 extremely simple steps to start NOW:

1) Decide on an amount