The Power of Now by Eckhart Tolle

When I saw a copy of “The Power of Now” at a friend’s house, it peaked my interest because I know it’s a bestseller book but I never knew what it was all about. I had always thought it’s a time management book (hehe) because the title gave an impression that it has something to do with time.

This is my very first read of a spirtual book and it’s a really good one to begin with too. To say that it’s “mind-boggling” is a contradiction to the book because the book suggests that over-thinking is a disease (you’ll learn why when you read it). The Power of Now emphasizes on not being stuck in the past or future but to be aware of the present moment. Although that previous sentence pretty much summarized the whole book, the author has given a deeper understanding of what “now” is about. The book is written in a question and answer format and the contents of this book took me a long time to digest as I go through some jargon that I am unfamiliar with. What’s “being”? What’s “unmanifested”?

I’d highly recommend this book as you explore your spiritual side and become aware of your present moment. It’s a book that you may want to re-read multiple times to heighten your “being”.

Blowing off the dust…. Finally

My goodness, time flies really fast. I haven’t written a single thing on this blog for a little more than a year! Well, it’s time to get back to writing. It’s been a roller coaster ride ever since I resigned from my job, I have had super great months and not-so-great months for my affiliate/online business – which now focuses on CPA (Cost Per Acquisition) marketing. It’s been fun and challenging so far.

Oh, and I’m also back at options trading but this time with my own system which focuses only on one stock, Visa… so there’s not really much to talk about lol.

Updates on Option Trading

Sorry guys, haven’t updated for a while. I had this post in my draft for quite a long time, I should have posted earlier.

As said by “e.” in my May option post: [quote]Also, mixing strategies on your portfolio – is not a good idea. It muddies the clarity of your actions. I open a position with a limit-order, and follow up with a trailing stop to close me out, because I, a. know my entry point in-advance, b. know my exit point in advance and c. know my acceptable losses – in advance. I am my own worst enemy – trades I place should be on autopilot – taking my emotions (fear+greed) out of the equation.[/quote]

Excellent point. I had become very emotional with my trading these few months and it’s hurting my account badly… I’m in the red now. About 40% of my original capital is gone. That means I’ve lost all my profits from last year plus 40% of what I had originally put in. I won’t post the trades here coz I haven’t updated for a while and I can’t even remember which stocks are from which system anymore.

I was following Wang’s picks (recommended by a friend) and just kept on losing, but Wang made money. I just want to clarify this though, Wang’s picks is not a stock pick service at that time. He was just displaying his trades like what I’m doing except his is real time. I tried trading one or two of his stocks and got some gains, so I decided to go all in (I don’t mean 100% capital, perhaps 20% each time). Little did I know Wang’s an aggressive trader, sometimes he averages his cost, sometimes he buys options on expiry day and sell it on the same day. With my $3k it just wasn’t enough to trade like him. At one point, my option buying power couldn’t afford to keep up anymore. Another thing was, the market started going downhill and so did my funds.

I am focusing more on my online business that puts money in my pocket every month instead and put my funds in a forex investment fund my friend is starting, he has a good track record and the estimated return is about 5-15% per month. It doesn’t mean I’m giving up no trading though, I just need to re-align my focus. There are sooo many trading strategies out there but I was more interested in reading about online marketing materials than trading ones. Very ironic considering that 90% of my blog is about my trades (It’s easier to publish my trades than write about online business… I’m just lazy to type hehe… maybe I should go video :P). Anyway, my point is… I’ll come back to trading when I’m ready again.

I’d still recommend Masters ‘O’ Equity, I have to admit that I started losing more $ when I drifted away from this trading system. Such a pity but a good lesson about discipline and patience. Moreover, a friend that I introduced to the system became the Master Star Trader of September 2007 (way to go, Bruce!).

Happy Father’s Day and Rich Dad’s Special Treats!

Updated 15 July 2007 – This offer is now closed

I wish to say “Happy Father’s Day” to my beloved dad and also to all dads around the world. The date of Father’s day this year is 17th June if you don’t remember (tsk tsk 😉 ).

I’ve got an *insider news* for you, this promotion is nowhere to be found on the Rich Dad website. As most of you already know, the author of Rich Dad, Poor Dad and owner of Cashflow Technologies Inc., Robert Kiyosaki, was blessed with two dads. One was his birth dad, role model, educator and disciplinarian. The other, while not Roberts birth father, also played a key role in Roberts life. This dad was also a role model, educator and disciplinarian, but in addition, a mentor. In recognition of all fathers and mentors, the Rich Dad Company is offering three exciting Fathers Day Specials (more than 50% discount!):

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Last Reminder: Trade With Forex Instructors for FREE!

I just want to remind all of you that the deadline for the FREE forex trading class ends on 15th June. Period. The Live Trading Room is originally valued at $145 per month and they are giving it everyday for free until 15th June 2007. What are you waiting for? Get your virtual butts to their registration page and sign up for their free sessions now! Click on the beautiful looking flyer below and it\’ll bring you to the registration page.

FREE Live Trading Room with FX Instructor

May 2007 Option Trades

downThe bad month continues… 😐 . I stopped trading in the middle of May to get a breather. I think if I were to get revenge on the market, my funds will probably get less. I figured it was my desperation to break the $5k mark that clouded my decision-making as well. I bought VMC based on Option Intelligence’s recommendation and seeing that it wasn’t doing well, I still held on as if some miracle will happen. Of course, that didn’t happen so I let it expire since it was way out of the money already (luckily I took only one contract).

Some of my other trader friends (who aren’t using star trading system) aren’t doing very well as well, this is so weird. I thought people should be making money when the market’s up, up, up.

Balance after exit trades made in November: $2,757.47 (-14.10%). Click “read more” to see my trades.

Account Trade History
Star Trading System
5/1/07 21:52:46 SINGLE BUY +1 VMC 100 MAY 07 125 CALL 1.10 1.10
RETURN: -100% (let expire)
5/4/07 22:30:38 SINGLE BUY +2 ICE 100 MAY 07 140 CALL 3.20 3.20
5/7/07 22:06:15 SINGLE SELL -2 ICE 100 MAY 07 140 CALL 2.25 2.25
RETURN: -29.69%
Options Intelligence Picks
5/3/07 23:40:44 SINGLE BUY +5 GMT 100 JUN 07 50 CALL 1.75 1.75
5/22/07 00:40:33 SINGLE SELL -3 GMT 100 JUN 07 50 CALL 2.05 2.05
5/22/07 22:25:07 SINGLE SELL -2 GMT 100 JUN 07 50 CALL 2.05 2.05
RETURN: +17.14%
5/17/07 02:21:12 SINGLE BUY +3 ROSE 100 JUN 07 25 PUT 1.90 1.90
5/21/07 23:15:58 SINGLE SELL -3 ROSE 100 JUN 07 25 PUT 1.10 1.10
RETURN: -42.11%

Total loss for the month: -154.66%
Average loss for the month: -38.67%

Trade Live with Qualified Forex Instructors for Free!

Hello Everyone,

I have something G-R-E-A-T to share with all of you. I found a wonderful new resource that teaches forex trading. When I say teaches its not a textual website or a e-book, these lessons are conducted by real-time instructors presenting the lessons with audio and visual technology. It is not pre-recorded video so you can ask questions and get answers from the instructors along the way.

One of their free classes “The 200 Moving Average” just blew me away! I expected that they’d only teach what 200MAs are, but to my surprise, they taught the whole trading system which you can already use for trading!! From defining a clear profit target, defining stop losses, to how to enter the trade.

I virtual traded with this 200MA setup and already made around $500 virtual dollars (how I wish its real money). Let me show you the charts of the trades I took:

Click to enlarge

1) AUD/USD on 9th May 2007
Profit Targets:
1) 0.8311
2) 0.8319
Stop Loss: 0.8265
Entry: 0.8287
Profit taken @ 0.8322
Total Gain: 35 Pips

Click to enlarge

2) USD/JPY on 10th May 2007
Profit Targets:
1) 120.28
2) 120.38
Stop loss: 119.68
Entry: 120.08
Profit taken @ 120.28
Total Gain: 20 pips

Isnt it great to have all the stop losses and profit targets clearly defined? If you wish to learn how, sign up before 15th of June at:

If you see a person nicknamed “PipSqueak” in the chatroom, that’s me! 😛 Think I may start another section about my forex trades soon, hehe 🙂

April 2007 Option Trades

down Not my proudest month. A combination of bad luck and stupidity: ROK’s CFO resigned and caused the stock to drop like a tank, HOG was a gamble at the earnings play. I was also scaling up on OEX puts (Options intelligence picks) with the belief that the market is reaching resistance, but it didn’t and kept on going up. I hate losing, and I’m losing badly in this month (May) too :(… ARGH!

Balance after exit trades made in November: $3,210.11 (-28.98%). Click “read more” to see my trades.

Account Trade History
Star Trading System
4/3/07 22:25:14 SINGLE BUY +4 ROK 100 APR 07 60 CALL 2.20 2.20
4/5/07 21:36:35 SINGLE SELL -4 ROK 100 APR 07 60 CALL .90 .90
RETURN: -59.09%
4/12/07 22:22:24 SINGLE BUY +3 HOG 100 MAY 07 62.5 PUT 2.75 2.75
4/19/07 21:39:31 SINGLE SELL -3 HOG 100 MAY 07 62.5 PUT 1.30 1.30
RETURN: -52.73%
4/27/07 22:54:22 SINGLE BUY +7 COO 100 JUN 07 55 CALL 1.00 1.00
5/3/07 01:56:11 SINGLE SELL -3 COO 100 JUN 07 55 CALL 1.30 1.30
5/8/07 21:54:23 SINGLE SELL -4 COO 100 JUN 07 55 CALL .70 .70
RETURN: -4.29%
Options Intelligence Picks
4/16/07 23:44:30 SINGLE BUY +1 OEX 100 MAY 07 640 PUT 1.70 1.70
4/18/07 00:22:01 SINGLE BUY +1 OEX 100 MAY 07 635 PUT 1.20 1.20
5/1/07 22:11:48 SINGLE BUY +1 OEX 100 MAY 07 640 PUT .90 .90
4/20/07 22:10:35 SINGLE BUY +1 OEX 100 MAY 07 640 PUT 1.15 1.15
5/3/07 00:48:33 SINGLE SELL -3 OEX 100 MAY 07 640 PUT .50 .50
5/4/07 02:17:28 SINGLE SELL -1 OEX 100 MAY 07 635 PUT .35 .35
RETURN: -62.9%

Total loss for the month: -179.01%
Average loss for the month: -44.75%

Alanis Morissete Singing “My Humps”

This is freaking hilarious. I thought this was made by an Alanis look-a-like, then I realized.. It IS ALANIS! I especially love the no-no drama part.

Check out fergie’s response on her parody video.

Happy Mother’s Day!


Happy Mother’s Day to all mothers in the world!